Monday, May 13, 2013

Gardening Tips for a First Time Gardener

1. Don't expect $0.84 gardening tools to get you very far, very fast.
2. Seeds apparently need to soak in water 8-10 weeks before planting. Good thing you have the option to purchase plants-this is not the most cost-effective.
3. If you buy plants, sometimes there are numerous plants in one container. We thought we bought 3 tomato plants; we actually bought 9.
4. You will have to pull weeds before planting. Therefore...
5. Splurge on a knee board. A $1 knee board is not much better than the ground. And...
6. Bring something with you to dispose of the weeds. Thankfully, we only used half of our garden plot, so guess where the weeds went?!
7. Turn off the water before trying to take the garden hose nozzle off (I thought this was common sense until I was soaked in water, because the person I was gardening with didn't use his common sense)
8. It's not a bad idea to figure out how long it will be until you can harvest your plants...2-3 weeks is not realistic. 
9.Buy All-Purpose Fertilizer (a tip from the lady at the market) and something about a high middle number.
10. Hope for something to grow and that you can get it before animals do! :)

Happy Gardening!
 (or attempting to)

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