Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY Heart String

Another wedding DIY craft attempt...mod podge hearts on a string. 

Mod Podge
Heart-shaped Balloons 

Step 1: Blow up a heart baloon about 1/4 of the way. Tie it off.
Step 2: Cut the yarn into several pieces. 
Step 3: Dip the yarn into the mod podge and wrap around the balloon. Repeat this until most of the balloon is covered.
Step 4: Let dry.
Step 5: Pop balloon and pull out of the heart. 
(Optional) Step 6: Run string through the hearts to create a string of hearts. I also added tulle in the center of my hearts. 

Time: 15 minutes per heart
Cost: $10 (includes Mod Podge; you will only use a small amount)

In case you need some tunes to go with your crafting:

Phillip Phillips "Gone, Gone, Gone"


  1. Love this one! How cute is that bridesmaid box?!!?!? PS. Where do you get heart balloons?