Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DIY Pillows

The flowers referenced in the previous post were used to finish off my first DIY pillow. I never would have thought that making your own pillows would be so easy, fast, and MUCH cheaper than buying them from somewhere. Each pillow took me about an hour to finish. In total I spent $25 for all the materials, which include: pillow form, fabric, needle, and thread. It is important to note that I still have enough material to make 2 more pillows! I also purchased craft thread with the intention of making tassles for the pillows, but the flowers won out. Stay tuned for pillows with tassles. I'll try to make this as easy to follow as possible.
How to make DIY Pillows:

1. Cut both pieces of fabric to desired size. The pillow form I bought was 12x16. I chose to cut an extra 1/2 inch on both sides of the fabric for extra room with stitching. This worked great! I would suggest adding adding another 1/2-1 inch on for non-stretchy fabric. One of the pillows I did had both sides of jersey knit (very stretchy) and one had more of canvas fabric with jersey knit on the backside. It was more of a struggle to fit the pillow form in with the second (canvas) pillow. 

2. Add any additonal embelishment to the fabric. This is when I added my flower.

3.Place the fabrics on top of each other inside out-the side you actually want to see needs to be facing down. For example, my flower was facing the other fabric (down) while stitching. This is because you will flip the fabric out after stitching to avoid seeing the actual thread. 

4. Straight stitch three sides of the pillow. There is a picture in the above collage of an example, otherwise feel free to  reference this video for instructions: 

5. Flip the fabric out and insert the pillow form (or stuffing).
6. Blind stitch the 4th side without wanting to throw the pillow in the garbage and scream profanities :) 
Blind Stitch Tutorial:

7. Ta Da! You have your own homemade pillow!

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