Friday, February 22, 2013

Crafting on a Budget

Crafting on a Budget: Book Page Paper Flower and Dry Erase Part II

Book Page Flower
Materials: Hot Glue, Book Pages

I bought an old book from Goodwill for $1. I then cut four different size petal shapes (5 of each size ranging from 3 inches in diameter to about 1)-measurements don't need to be exact. Roll over the edges of each piece. For the center I just rolled up a small piece of piece in a cylinder. This is what I began gluing the pieces (beginning with small) to. You can create smaller or larger flowers depending on the size of the petal. Here is how mine turned out:

(Hanging) Dry Erase Board 
Materials: Fabric/Paper, Frame

I used the same steps to create this as I did the previous Dry Erase Boards. TOO EASY!  However, I use these WAY more often. All you need is some fabric or paper and a frame. Insert the fabric or paper into the frame, grab a dry-erase marker and you are all set! These are great for notes, lists, and reminders! The best part is it cost me less than $3. I found burlap in the remnants section at Hobby Lobby.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

A {Kansas} Winter Wonderland

I started the week hoping this snow storm would never come; now, I am so happy it did. Snow Day. No Class. Hot Cocoa. Snowball Fight. Snow-Octopus Building. It was great! I feel lucky that I had great friends to share it with. It reminded me of my childhood and home...good ol' Wisconsin! Now, a TV Movie Marathon, featuring The Mighty Ducks-classic '90's film. Here's to making the most of days that are few! 

Snow Day Jam

Morning Pandora led me to it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Music Flashback

So many good ones..."At a '90s School Dance" Songza

"Whoomp There It Is" Tag Team

Reminds me of a great '90's movie too...The Mighty Ducks 2! :)

Reflecting on the Day: Being Grateful

After reflecting on a conversation from the day, I realized that I don't take the time to think about how truly blessed I am. I find myself complaining about finances, work, school, relationships, the weather, cafeteria food, etc...!  But when I think deeper, I am reminded that instead of thinking about what is wrong with these things, I need to focus on what is right with them; what they each teach and provide me. 

 Yes, I am a student, with little money, but I have enough. It is a blessing that I am privileged enough to attend college, and Graduate School. Many aren't able to pursue their dream of attending college. Yes, work can be stressful sometimes. But, I HAVE a job, and a job in which I get to work with amazing people. Yes, family and friends can occasionally cause stress, but thank God that I have family and friends that care enough to do so!

Life is what you make of it. You choose your attitude.

Yes, we are about to get 10 inches of snow tomorrow, but there are people who would LOVE to see the beautiful (and sometimes chaotic) result of a's to trying to remain positive about the snow! ;)

Saw It. Pinned It. Made It. Ate It.

Almond Joy Bars

I have made these bars a few times and although they are rich and filling, they are so WORTH it. There was plenty of goodness to go around. 
Make sure you have a glass of milk nearby :)

Turkey Sloppy Joes

The only thing that was accurate about this tasting like "sloppy joes" was that it was indeed sloppy! I failed to look at the ratings before making this one...stick to normal sloppy joes. I also didn't use carrots (thought that was bizarre), maybe that was the problem! ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Products of Craft Night

cardmaking-a recent and wonderful obsession of mine

All of my cards are pretty basic, EASY, and AFFORDABLE. My hope is that if I spend time making homemade cards maybe people will keep them, and to me, they definitely hold more meaning . Writing a thoughtful message, instead of just signing can obviously help this too. Not to mention, making cards is a huge $$ saver. Store bought cards (not in the dollar section) get a bit pricey. Especially for something most people will throw away. I like to purchase my stamps and materials form JoAnn, Micheals, Hobby Lobby, and Tuesday Morning. Shop around, find deals, use coupons ALWAYS! At least one of these stores will have a coupon or sale, if not ALL of them.

Just a tip-if you are sending homemade cards in the mail, make sure they have enough postage. I have mistakenly sent cards to people and they had to pay a few cents for extra postage. "Happy Birthday, you owe 6 cents to receive your own birthday card"...whoops. 

Time Saver Items worth investing in ASAP:
-Paper Cutter (unless you have access to one, if you do, use it!)
-Circle Cutter
-Hot Glue Gun
(I use all of these for almost every card I make)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Song Love

MC Yogi: Give Love
I heard this at yoga last week, so catchy! 

DIY Flower Bobby Pins

Week Four (should be five, whoops!) of Crafting on a Budget

I am really excited about these cute hair pieces to be worn at a time TBD. These were EASY and CHEAP! The best two characteristics of a craft, I think. The pictures should really give you good explanation of how to make them. I spent about $10 at JoAnn Fabric-great store and they always have coupons. I have enough material to make about 15 larger hairpieces. You could probably make about 20 with smaller flowers. 

Materials: Hot Glue, Super Glue, Fabrics of your Choice, Bobby Pins with Pad
Step One: Cute fabrics into various size circles
Step Two: Fold circles in half twice (you will have to put a dab of glue between folds)
Step Three: Glue pizza-shaped fabric pieces in a circle on a piece of fabric. Continue to layer with other fabrics. 
Step Four: Super Glue Bobby Pin to back of flower
Step Five: Add a center piece (I used twine) of your choice. This could be a button, pearl, ribbon, etc.
Step Six: Use it! :)