Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY Flower Bobby Pins

Week Four (should be five, whoops!) of Crafting on a Budget

I am really excited about these cute hair pieces to be worn at a time TBD. These were EASY and CHEAP! The best two characteristics of a craft, I think. The pictures should really give you good explanation of how to make them. I spent about $10 at JoAnn Fabric-great store and they always have coupons. I have enough material to make about 15 larger hairpieces. You could probably make about 20 with smaller flowers. 

Materials: Hot Glue, Super Glue, Fabrics of your Choice, Bobby Pins with Pad
Step One: Cute fabrics into various size circles
Step Two: Fold circles in half twice (you will have to put a dab of glue between folds)
Step Three: Glue pizza-shaped fabric pieces in a circle on a piece of fabric. Continue to layer with other fabrics. 
Step Four: Super Glue Bobby Pin to back of flower
Step Five: Add a center piece (I used twine) of your choice. This could be a button, pearl, ribbon, etc.
Step Six: Use it! :)

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