Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fabric Tie Banner

Just spent about 30 minutes TOTAl making a fabric tie banner. The total cost about $5....remnents bins and clearance fabric is the way to go. This decoration is super easy, fun, fast, and cheap! :)

The materials simply include cord/rope, fabric of your choice, and scissors. I chose neutral toned fabric and added some lace in at the end. I thought this could be a nice wedding decoration to hang across one of the banquet tables...we will see.

Here is the EASY step-by-step:
1. Cut the fabric into strip (remember you will be tieing the fabric so factor that in when trying to measure)
2. Simply tie the fabric to the cord/rope (I tied all of one color at various points on the cord and then switched to the next color)
3. Hang and enjoy! 

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