Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DIY Flowers

It doesn't get better than listening to Darius while sipping on some wine and CRAFTING! With very little knowledge of various fabrics and sewing I got to work on a few gifts. Flowers can be added to so many things: gift boxes, hair pieces, wall decorations, and...pillows. Here are a few examples of DIY flowers I have added to some DIY pillows. They are easy, fast, and cheap-perfect for me!

Buttons (optional)
Fabric of your choice (I used lace and jersey knit fabric) - both of which were found in the remnents section at JoAnn Fabrics
Needle and Thread
Hot Glue

Steps to making this DIY {Knit} Fabric Flower:
1. Cut out petal shapes in various sizes (the ones for these flowers ranged from 1-3 inches in length)
2. Dab some hot glue at the bottom edge of the petal and squeeze the two sides together. Do this for half of the petals, leave the other half flat.
3. Organize the petals in a way that you would like. I used 3 flat petals for the bottom, then placed 3 more petals on top of those in the opening spots, and so on until you are out of petals. The smaller/squeezed petals should be on the top. 
4. Hand stitch buttons on in the center of the flower. 

Optional: The knit fabric I used was very flimsy. I used a more firm piece of fabric to glue the flower onto before attaching the flower to the actual pillow fabric (pictured above). I then hand stitched the entire piece onto the pillow. 

Steps to making a DIY {Lace} Flower:
1. Cut out a strip of lace -the more flexible the better!
2. Hold the bottom of the strip and start to acordian fold ONLY the bottom of the strip. Use your thumb to help grasp the lace. Use dabs of hot glue to keep the fabric from coming loose.
 This step is hard to explain, here is an image to help:

3. Hand stitch a button as the center
4. Hand stitch or glue the flower onto the object, for example, pillow

Optional: If one strip of lace does not work, you can use two and simply glue them together at the end.

Happy Crafting!

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