Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Products of Craft Night

cardmaking-a recent and wonderful obsession of mine

All of my cards are pretty basic, EASY, and AFFORDABLE. My hope is that if I spend time making homemade cards maybe people will keep them, and to me, they definitely hold more meaning . Writing a thoughtful message, instead of just signing can obviously help this too. Not to mention, making cards is a huge $$ saver. Store bought cards (not in the dollar section) get a bit pricey. Especially for something most people will throw away. I like to purchase my stamps and materials form JoAnn, Micheals, Hobby Lobby, and Tuesday Morning. Shop around, find deals, use coupons ALWAYS! At least one of these stores will have a coupon or sale, if not ALL of them.

Just a tip-if you are sending homemade cards in the mail, make sure they have enough postage. I have mistakenly sent cards to people and they had to pay a few cents for extra postage. "Happy Birthday, you owe 6 cents to receive your own birthday card"...whoops. 

Time Saver Items worth investing in ASAP:
-Paper Cutter (unless you have access to one, if you do, use it!)
-Circle Cutter
-Hot Glue Gun
(I use all of these for almost every card I make)

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