Monday, August 12, 2013

Saw it! Pinned it! Did it!-Lace & Pearl Bracelet

I saw this Lace & Pearl Bracelet on Pinterest and I absolutely loved it. I thought it would be a great gift for my bridesmaids-to-be.

Here is what I used:
  • leather cording – 28″ is recommended
  • lace (hem tape lace is easier to use)
  • pearls – I used 16
  • thread
  • Needle (make sure the needle is thin enough to fit through the size 16 pearls)
  • Larger bead to connect (Optional)

Step 1: Cut cord into 2-16 inch pieces. Depending on the size of your wrist, you may need less or more. 
Step 2: String thread through needle and first piece of cord. String through pearl and then second piece of cord.
Step 3: String thread back through the same piece of cord. Add another pearl. And string through the first piece of cord. Repeat until you have reached the desired length. 
Step 4: Knot thread and cut remnants. 
Step 5: Wrap lace between cords and pearls on both sides (after doing this, you should not see the cord anymore).
Step 6: Tie lace around cord at the end. 
Step 7: On one side make two knots. One knot should be at the end of the pearl and the other about 3/4 inch. further (this is for the knot on the opposite side of the bracelet, in order to connect around your wrist). 
Step 8: Enjoy your new piece of jewelry. 

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