Monday, April 29, 2013

52 in 52: Week 4

Question 4 of "Questions that Will Free Your Mind"

When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

I sure hope not. Quite literally, I think I listen and "do" more than I speak. The exception to this is when I'm with my family and/or Fiance...lucky them! ;) There is a lot that we all say or claim we want to do or accomplish, but how often do we set aside time or save up money to do these things-not often enough. Doing this challenge has already served as a reminder for me to do some of the things that I have been wanting to, and hopefully after I complete it I will be able to look back and be proud of the accomplishments I've made. I also think one could contemplate this question by asking the question, "Will you have said more than you've done in helping OTHERS be successful?" We all claim we are supportive and willing to help, but do we when this support is most needed?! I think helping others can often times in the end be just as rewarding as accomplishing our own goals. And who knows, you could probably help do both at the same time! This will be one of my focuses this week: helping OTHERS by recognizing their achievements, strengths, and goals.

Great song providing perspective and a reminder to be aware and grateful. Love, faith, and hope can go a long way! Remember...focusing on others before yourself!

Week 4 of 52: Make a List of 25 of my (and my Fiance's) Best Qualities 
Appreciating who you are is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We don't often sit down and think about what we are good at. Excuses or reasons for this include lack of confidence, time, or interest. I believe that if we can't be proud of who we are, accept our strengths and weaknesses, we are not able to fulfill any roles to the best of our ability. If I am not happy with me, I can't be a good partner, supervisor, daughter, or student. Doing this for  KS was also beneficial. I don't often share with him what I love and appreciate most. Interestingly enough, we shared many of the same qualities. I am looking forward to see if he also had similiar qualities listed for myself and himself. 

Sorry to all of you who were looking forward to hearing about my successful mile-running...whoops. Look for that in the future. I did run one mile though! And am still feeling the effects of that...

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