Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY Tying the Knot Wire Rings

A few weeks ago I noticed a lady wearing a wire heart ring, and was inspired to try myself. Instead of the heart, I thought about creating some "tying the knot" rings. I used 20-gauge wire, a round-nose jewelry plier, and a highlighter for sizing. These were pretty easy to make and of course, cheap! It costed me about $10 for the pliers and wire, and I still have plenty of wire. It also took me about 30 minutes to make about 10 rings!

Steps to making DIY Knot Ring:
1. Wrap the wire around a sizing tool (highlighter, chapstick, etc.)
2. Leave an even amount, about an inch on both sides, after the wrap. 
3. Make a loop with one side of the wire. 
4. Stick the other end of wire through the loop. 
5. Bend both ends around the "knot" and secure them in the back 

Hope the special recipients like them! :)

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