Sunday, June 9, 2013

52 in 52: Week 9

Question 9 of "50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind"

To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?

I believe that everything happens for a reason and that I do indeed have a very specific purpose in life. I don't know what that is yet or what the reasoning is behind everything that happens in life, but I know that over time and by living an authetic life I will get there.  I believe that we do have control over our lives and the choices we  make, and are ultimately responsible for that. With the help and  guidance from my family, friends, and God I believe I have learned to appreciate the appreciate the good and bad-seemingly less controlled-times in my life. These have helped me live a more purposeful life. 

Week 9 of 52: Read a self-improvement book in a week

Well, unfortunatly I didn't achieve this, but I DID start one. It is called "Redisover Catholicism" by Matthew Kelly.  I was given this book by the priest at my local church about 9 months ago. I scheduled an appointment to talk some difficulties I was having.  I appreciated his kind words and guidance, and he left me with a book, "Rediscover Catholicism". I read the excerpt on the back of the book, which read:
At a time when many Catholics are disillusioned, questioning their faith, and filled with doubts about the relevance of catholicism in the modern world, the voice of one man crist out to the world's largest faith community with a clarity that is rare and inspiring. 
I didn't understand what this book had to do with my situation at the time, and therefore placed the book on my bookshelf. I didn't look at it again until this past week. I am at a time in my life in which I question aspects of my life. Is this what I believe? Is this what I want to raise my future children to believe?  What is it that I actually believe? Is this what I'm supposed to believe? I recently began feeling this way as a practicing Catholic. I wanted to learn more about Catholicism, and if it is truly the religion that I was meant to follow. I was lead back to the book, "Rediscover Catholicism". I have really enjoyed reading it;  it has provided guidance in my faith pursuits. Although I am still uncertain of where it is I stand, I do know that God is the route to living a purposeful and authentic life.  I decided to highlight important excerpts as I read, and here are the ones that I have found most valuable.

When are you most fully alive? When you are changing and growing and exploring all you are capable of becoming. 

In every situation in my life, in every problem, in every difficulty, I know that if I allow the values and principles of the Gospel to guide me, it will turn out for the best. It will not always turn out as I wish, but I will be a better person for having lived the Gospel in that situation, and because of that, my future will be richer. 

The adventure of salvation begins when we stop asking, "What's in it for me?" and turn humbly to God in our hearts and ask, "How may I serve? What work do you wish for me to do with my life? What is your will for my life?"

The attitude with which we approach our work is crucial. 

Superficiality is the curse of the modern world. 

"If you are what you should be you will set the world on fire." Catherine of Sienna. 

Each moment, she [Mother Teresa] looked only for the next opportunity to love. 

He [Thomas Moore] was a man who found the grace necessary to live with integrity when it would have been convenient not to. 

Every moment of life is an opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

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