Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week One of Crafting on a Budget: Coffee Filter PomPoms

It turned out! :)


Paint color of your choice 
Paint Brush/Sponge (can use spray paint or dye to save time)
120 Coffee Filters (makes 4 PomPoms)
Something to paint on and let coffee filters dry on-drop cloth, cardboard, etc.
Cord/Ribbon to string PomPoms through
Scissors or Hole Punch

Guide to making Coffee Filter PomPoms 

Step One: Compile supplies
Step Two: Dampen coffee filters until they lay flat

Step Three: Paint one side of the coffee filter and lay to dry
Step Four: Continue for 30 filters
Step Five: Wait for filters to try (approx. 15 minutes)

Step Six: Fold dry coffee filter in half and then in thirds-will look like a pizza slice
Step Seven: Poke a hole about 1/2 in. above point of coffee filter
Step Eight: String coffee filter onto cord
 Step Nine: Tie a knot (that is larger than the hole in the filter) in the cord 
Step Ten: Repeat Steps Six-Eight for all 30 filters

Step Eleven: (Pretend this is 30 filters) Tie a knot in the cord at this end of the PomPom
Step Twelve: Now for the FUN part (kind of)...

 ...start creating the PomPom-seperate each filter as much as possible.

 And you have your very own Coffee Filter PomPom

I made four of them and strung them on the same cord-now a living room decoration.

I enjoyed making these, and do think that I could incorporate them into the wedding somehow. Yay! I purchased paint in other colors as well, so if/when I finish a few more strings I will share photos. 

This craft is pretty cheap, it cost me less than $5 to create this string (plus I have enough to make a few more).  It is however time consuming. Therefore, I have a few tips to save some time. If you have means to dye the filters or spray paint this will save you LOADS of time. Do It! I just didn't have the space or supplies. Painting was relaxing, relatively clean, and easy though. Also, if you have a hole puncher that has a small hole punch, that will also save you time. I used a scissors to poke the holes. Lastly, you can use any colors or combinations; I think multi-color PomPoms or different sizes (use smaller filters) would look really neat. You should try it! 

Now, off to think of next week's craft (or work on homework)...Happy Sunday!

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